My parents are putting immense pressure on me

I’m feeling highly distressed due to the immense pressure my parents are putting on me. They have unrealistic goals for me and want me to excel in all fields including academics. They compare me with other children in our colony, neglect my personal desires and are always dissatisfied with me regardless of my efforts. I want to shift to a hostel because of the repeated fights at my home. I can hardly talk to anyone. Please help.
Naina (13) / Ahmedabad

Dear Naina, I feel sorry to read that at the tender age of 13 your parents are putting heavy pressure on you and want you to excel in all fields and are always dissatisfied with you. You should explain this situation to some good family member or school counsellor who can help them to understand your present situation and start encouraging and appreciating you. Teenagers need to feel loved and appreciated in order to grow into mature human beings. Continue doing your best in studies and in your family life. Pray to God and He will also help you.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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