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Park Street, with you

The city lights wrap up your face,
While we walk in these serene nights;
And the absurd thought of leaving you
Hurts me more than the morning hues.

In the heart of Park Street, you call out my name —
So thrilling, so enthusiastic,
The spirit of love comes alive;
While I drown in the eternity of your eyes.

The busy streets, the festivities,
Munching on a Flurys cake,
Kissing in front of Oxford Bookstore…
We then end up on the other side of the road,
With your gaze fixed on mine.

Nostalgia runs through me,
When I recall, how we met for the first time,
With leaves fallen on the pavement
And Anupam Roy’s Bawshonto Eshe Geche playing around.

And again, I look up.
I see the stars shine brighter.
Calcutta made me fall in love with you more;
From intertwining our fingers
To resting on your shoulders while venturing to the Victoria Memorial.

There’s a soul in this rhythm of ours
That’s kept us alive;
And as we talk all night;
I’m captured.
Park Street doesn’t feel the same without you.