Passing time like a boss

There’s no harm in watching TV or listening to music or even having a nap. But just so you know, there are people who use their free time pursuing unusual hobbies or engaging in wacky pastimes. Check them out.

Illustration of a teddy bear having tea near the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Bon voyage, Teddy!

Love soft toys? There are thousands of others as crazy about them as you. So much so that they register their favourite toy worthy of a vacation with someone willing to have it as a guest for a few days. With the formalities taken care of, sit back and enjoy photos of your toy chilling out in the coolest tourist spots (that even you haven’t had a chance to visit)! Best of all, you can even make special requests for your furry buddy to an obliging host — Teddy wearing sunglasses and sitting in the backdrop of Eiffel Tower would be just fantastic!

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Rama Ramesh

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