Phree smartpen makes any surface your canvas

Phree smartpen

The Phree smartpen shoots a laser beam from its tip to allow you to write on any surface you like. A 3D laser interferometer in the tip of the pen tracks the relative motion of any visible surface by measuring the “interference signal” between the laser beam that hits the surface and the reflections from it. You can see what you’re drawing or writing in real time on your Bluetooth-paired phone or tablet. Handwriting is translated into Word font or as an image in one’s own handwriting, enabling users to share clear notes via text, email or any other mobile application. The high 2,000 dpi resolution of the sensor ensures that no stroke is missed no matter how small.

The Phree also doubles as a headset for your phone, and has a small screen along one side so that you can view and reply to texts. You can even use the Phree to write out a number, dial it, and talk to the person on the other end without touching your phone at all.

Phree works with Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, and Linux.