Pulsing light to music and your heartbeat

Glow earbuds

Glow claims to be the first smart earphones with state-of-the-art laser technology. The earphones use Fibrance, a glass optical fibre from Corning that allows thin and colourful wires to be flexible. It can wrap around objects and continue to glow. A tiny sensor inside the earbud uses a pulse oximeter to estimate your heart rate, allowing Glow to pulsate in time to the beat of the music and your heart rate. A 5-way remote controller works alongside your smartphone — adjust your tunes, reply to incoming texts using your voice, snap photos, take calls and use apps without looking at your phone. With a built-in mic, Glow lets you make calls and direct voice commands to Google Now and SIRI. Although it illuminates for over eight hours (and can be charged in full via micro-USB in 30 minutes), the headphones let you listen to music even if the battery runs out.