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So we received a tweet from Silent_majority @hakharo expressing her desire to read about punk outfits. First of all, thank you! It feels good to have your readers reach out to you. It’s a pleasure!

Punk fashion…in recent years we’ve seen some of the punk looks coming back in trend, like chokers, mid rings, clashing prints, etc. Now the actual 70’s punk was really extreme. It was a real bold fashion statement and till date remains unexplored by big brands and designers. It’s not something that everyone wants to experiment with other than punks and for the punks it’s their regular style and the trend never changes.

Punk rockers are complete rebels and love bold hair colours like blue, teal, red, etc. They tend to experiment with hairstyles like Mohawks, shaved side hair, undercut design, and what not. They experiment with tattoos and body piercings too (something I wouldn’t recommend at an early age). They love making bold statements with accessories. They always stand out with their style statement. Here is a list of a few punk fashion must-haves.

1. Denims

Denims jackets and vests with big patches, shoulder patches, spikes, etc., are a must-have in a punk’s wardrobe. Denim skirts and shorts paired with stockings are punk trend. You can also experiment with bleach splattered denims. It’s punky! 😉

2. Boots

Knee-high boots, ankle boots, boots with spikes, thigh-high boots, velvet boots, booties and a rack full of boots are loved by punks! They don’t believe in wearing anything other than boots. If you’re not a fan of boots you can go for Vans or Converse. They too make a statement. Boots and Converse can dress up any outfit and make a statement and that is exactly what defines a punk.

3. Jackets

They love layering. Moto jackets, statement bomber jackets, hoodies, leather jackets and vests, you’ll find them all in their wardrobe. Buy moto jackets and bomber jackets with patches. You can also layer a leather jacket or a hoodie on top of a denim jacket. Get some leather or velvet vests.

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