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Qualm apology

I’m sorry for not loving you,
Sorry for not treating you the way you deserved to be
No less than a princess as your father had raised you.
I was too busy pleasing everyone around
Forgot how you would feel looking at me.
I hopelessly indulged in envying the charms that others possessed
It swept from my mind to take a look at you.
I underrated and tamed you
My harsh thoughts and actions bruising your confidence and trust in yourself,
Making you feel like you were less than everybody else;
How do I make it up, how can I make it right?
I owe you the biggest apology,
I’ll make sure I’ll not be that person again.
So awed that you’re still here for me,
Trying to fight all your frail ends and insecurities all by yourself,
I moulded you so fragile, yet you stand tall,
From now on let’s do it together and grow strong,
Loving and appreciating every little achievement or effort that we make.
You’ve had enough confining and suppressing yourself,
It’s due time to liberate, embrace and love yourself,
‘Cause you are magnificent and strong
And most importantly, I love you.