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Ragging has no place in civilized society

AUGUST 2019 TOPIC: Ragging is inhuman, and character assassination per se. It has no place in civilized society. What do you think?

Ragging has become a nightmare to students as they feel demotivated and lose their self-confidence. They feel helpless and are afraid to express their feelings to others. They also feel a sense of shame and do not show their talents to others. Some of them lose their mental balance and commit suicide. Therefore, it has no place in civilized society.
Shreya Khosla (13)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

Ragging is a blot on the aspirations of young students who attend college glimmering with dreams. Instead of being enterprising, they are coerced into becoming meek and submissive. Ragging is a question mark on the value system of the seniors who are sadistic enough to savour intimidation. In a civilized society, ragging must be replaced with kindness and mentorship.
Shailja Pandey

Ragging is one of the worst forms of lowering the dignity of a person and it crushes the self-esteem of the victim. It is no less than bullying and is one of the most inhuman acts one can think of. Every person has his/her self-esteem, and that should never be hurt any way; so, ragging is a big “no”.
Senjuti Saibal Bhattacharya (18)
A. C. Patil College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai

Ragging is definitely an inhuman activity. It has no place in a civilized society but, unfortunately, it is still prevalent in many educational institutions. The senior students abuse the newcomers both physically and mentally. The victims must report it to the concerned department immediately. If one victim fights against it, others could be saved from becoming victims. As it has no place in our society, it should be fought courageously and eradicated.
Vishakha S. Keswani (21)

Making someone dance, pouring water on someone’s head, making one squat low and crow like a hen, is just so inhuman. This is what is done in the name of ragging! All this often takes a malignant form wherein the person suffering may become subject to psychological problems. Let’s say “no” to ragging.
Aishlee Joshi
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

Ragging has affected students and created strong reactions among the guardians of newcomer students. Many have left their studies for fear of physical torture. A few students have also died. In reality, ragging is a kind of sadism. The government has enacted the anti-ragging act some time ago. But these steps are not enough to curb this “crime”. Boys and girls from simple families become easy victims. Let us do away with this senseless act from our educational institutions.
Vincy Mathew (17)
Infant Jesus Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Chennai

The word ‘ragging’ conjures up visions of horror in the hearts of many a college student. It has become a nightmare for students and their guardians at the time of admission to colleges. Seniors think that ragging is enlightenment for juniors to handle unforeseen situations but their merciless behaviour ruins innocent lives and careers. This inhuman torture has resulted in many losing mental balance, leading to suicides. Hence, ragging should be banned in all educational institutions.
Anushi Jain
Sophia Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Bhilwara

Ragging is very inhuman and is equal to killing someone by torturing. A ‘civilized’ society always respects every person, and so it has no place for ragging. Ragging kills the victim, his/her character, and his/her dreams. I consider ragging to be one of the worst crimes. It should be strictly prohibited.
Sargun Saini (15)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

Ragging, the “initiating ritual”, not only violates a person’s basic rights, but also is a leading factor in the increasing number of suicides among young people. The central legislations on ragging should be implemented strictly, in order to curb this menace.
Gurleen Kaur Chona
Mount Abu

Character assassination means murder of one’s personality and ragging does just that. Students go to colleges to learn good values but end up getting spoilt. Ragging is inhuman; so should not be a part of a civilized society.
Charanpreet Kaur (12)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

I am of the view that ragging is utterly inhuman. It leaves a harrowing impact on the brain of the student. The psychological trauma stays with the victims even long after they have graduated. Many colleges tend to brush aside ragging incidents under the carpet fearing it might damage their reputation. Instead, they should give exemplary punishments to those found guilty of ragging.
Nikhil Singh (18)
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

The objective of ragging was to break the ice between senior students and juniors, but actually it does not break ice; it breaks lives, careers and families. It is a mental torture given to freshers. It is an inhuman behaviour which brings endless tears and lifelong trauma to many, and it should be banned from all educational institutions.
Ayushi Mehta
Sophia Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Bhilwara

I completely agree with this view. When a new batch comes to an institution, the seniors begin to think themselves so superior that they take to ragging. They fail to realize the harm they cause to the juniors, which may vary from isolation, demoralization and even suicide. Instead of ragging, they should take a bold step towards anti-ragging and should learn to be affectionate to the younger ones.
Ananya Malhotra (15)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

Though illegal before law, ragging continues to exist in many spheres of life. It is more rampant in colleges. It’s not mere teasing, but like murdering a person and that’s what I understand by character assassination. Ragging can have physical or mental effects on a person and it destroys one’s life. In a country like ours where we uphold values like equality and justice, such acts are not acceptable.
Timothy Sailo (16)
Don Bosco High School, Tuem, Goa

Ragging not only destroys a student’s life but also his/her hope of change. It is an abuse, done by a senior to a junior. Some even push them to drugs, alcohol and smoking. It makes one so weak that he/she cannot even pick up pieces of his/her broken self. So ragging should have no place in our societies.
Arunima (14)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

Ragging originally meant playing practical jokes on somebody or teaching someone a lesson. It is no more so today, but plain character assassination which is an unjustified attempt to damage the reputation of someone. It not only makes a person depressed, but even leads one to commit suicide. It should be made strictly punishable, so that one thinks several times before doing it. In a civilized society there is no place of such acts.
Anamika Singh (14)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

In the name of ragging, junior students are made to strip, keep eyes down before seniors, do errands for seniors like completing their projects and so on. In a nutshell, the freshers in a college are made to do humiliating tasks. Students who have their relatives in the senior classes are not ragged while those who have no one are made to go through serious physical and mental torture. It is for sure character assassination of the victim, and some even commit suicide or seriously think of committing suicide out of utter shame. In my opinion, ragging in any form should be banned in our educational institutions.
Shivam Uniyal
HNBGU Srinagar, Garhwal

Ragging involves abuse, humiliation or harassments of junior students by the seniors. Such behaviour becomes a real menace to the society, causing demoralization to students, promotes violence, encourages forceful consumption of alcohol, drugs, etc. Ragging should be banned. If one faces this, one can call on anti-ragging toll free number: 1800-180-5522.
Palakshi Kalra (12)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

Ragging is banned for over a decade almost everywhere. However, it has turned out to be the worst nightmare of young people all over. This human rights abuse is being practised, not only in colleges but wherever someone raises voice against a wrong action. It is so inhuman that it assassinates one’s character all at one go resulting in the loss of his confidence and sometimes leading to frightful situations and depression. In a civilized world such acts are a curse. Many people still do not know that ragging is a punishable crime, and they carry on with it, making the scene a joke while their victims cry deep down with sorrow. It should surely be done away with at the earliest!
Vanshita Suriya
Sophia Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Bhilwara