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Thousands of years ago,
When humans on earth were few,
They sought to discover a pattern,
In almost everything they knew.

The rising and setting of the sun,
The position of various stars,
The changing of the seasons,
The possibility of life on Mars.

Man sought to understand the pattern,
In almost everything he knew,
But he found some peculiar things,
Which left him totally confused.

The extinction of dinosaurs,
The birth of a ten-dimension space,
The chance of a boy or a girl being born,
The fact that everyone has a unique face.

Man thought he understood the pattern,
And understood the universe.
But some things didn’t fit in,
So he used a term which works.

The peculiar things in nature,
Were labelled as random.
I know it’s not a fancy word,
At least it rhymes with… phantom!

Are these phenomena really random?
Or is it something that we yet have to understand?
Or is it that randomness,
Is itself God’s plan?

There is evidence about it,
For in the Bible, God says,
“Just as the heavens are high above the earth,
So is the same with my thoughts and ways.”

So, what looks distorted to us
Is actually a pattern for Him.
Thus, “randomly” you experience a miracle,
Even though the chances are slim.

I know, this seems philosophical,
And you are trying to grasp all you can,
But my friend,
You reading this poem is not random,
But part of God’s plan.