Ref — The Real Hero!

What’s common between Howard Webb, Pierluigi Collina, Mark Clattenburg and Graham Poll? No points for guessing — they are the most well-known and most-loved football refs!

Referee Howard Webb in action
Referee Howard Webb in action

Have you ever wondered how the referee of a game or match functions smoothly with all the players under control and ensuring that all the rules are followed? That all the players are safe and do not get hurt?

Trust me, it takes great panache to be actively performing as the referee of a game or match. To me, he is the real hero during any match!

Have you thought of taking up refereeing as a hobby? Though taking up refereeing as a hobby is still unconventional, it is actually a fantastic one. There are many youngsters who love it and are getting reimbursed for their love. The love for the game and popularity among the peers has enabled some youth to be a referee for the local sports events.

To take up refereeing as a hobby has its own charm. It also has a valuable and rewarding experience. After all, aren’t they the ones who are in charge of a game and who make the safety of all the players their motto? Many youngsters today are pursuing refereeing as a hobby alongside their studies.

A referee is a specially-trained individual who officiates any kind of game — be it football, volleyball, carom or even kabbadi. Every game needs a referee to control the players and ensure that all the rules are being followed.

Besides the usual skills and knowledge, patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations are the most important qualities to be a referee. A referee should also have the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure, be unbiased and have a thorough knowledge to enforce rules, assess penalties, signal the start and end of games, and even stop the game in case of any disputes.

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