Candid Moments from Teens

Regret? Not always good

The word regrets cancelled outOnce in our psychology class our teacher said, “Write down a mistake you have done in your life which you deeply regret.” Everyone had something to write. Everyone regretted something. Some shared it, some didn’t. The teacher pointed to one girl who was bubbly, very cheerful and blunt. She said, “I have no mistake to share with you, because we are all humans and humans make mistakes. I don’t regret anything.”

This struck a deep chord in me. Dwelling on your past mistakes and regretting every second of your present life is something you should never ever do. That damages your soul, your confidence and your personality. Don’t let a mistake define you. Accepting a wrong action or statement is good enough. Learn from your mistakes.
Sakina Dudhwala (17)
Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science