Poets & Poetry


by Nikita Tewari
St Mary’s Convent College, Nainital

Every sunshine fails to overpower the darkness in my soul
That grows wider and wider, devastating me whole.
For your ignorance is the reason behind my weakness
That my life has been accompanied by immense darkness.

Return, for your departure has plunged me into grief
My eyes that ever were prudent are now forced to weep
Your presence that offered me unknown comfort
Now without you seems unsuccessful, my every effort

Return, for your memories kindle my suppressed emotions
Though my fallacy proves them to be guiding intrusions
So here I lie awaiting your arrival
For your love is the only dose for my survival.

Return, for your concern has unknowingly become my need
Maybe we can conclude it to be my conscience’s greed
Albeit we lie together in this heaven of earth
But separated by impediments that destroys the entire mirth.

Expectations are enough but reasons are few
Both are strangers yet the love is true
Hope you will never erase this delusion in which I survive
For I cannot demand the lost time to revive.

Ways are rare, so I write you this way,
Begging you to never allow those memories to sway.
Now it’s time for you to realize,
That as long as I survive,
My love for you will never meet its demise.

Published in the September 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.