Poets & Poetry


How could a tiny ruptured wooden box do justice to half a century’s worth of memories?
Yet, within the dimensions of that precious little chest,
Countless memories and infinite recollections lay buried and repressed.
Monochrome photos stuck on yellowed pages,
Of families and loved ones promised to be cherished forever,
Yet lost along the passage of ages.
Wooden dolls once held dear and subject to innocent admiration,
Now cast away, bearing lost limbs, on the verge of devastation.
Delicate copper-plated bracelets and a fading cameo ring,
Knotted to the heart by love, loss and a plethora of similar strings.
Rings may rust,
Photographs will fade,
However, what will never be forgotten, are the beautiful memories made.
The reel of our minds forever holds,
A recollection of moments and memories,
As precious, and resistant to corrosion as pure, shining gold.