Ria Khatoniar: CBSE 2018 Class 10 topper from Holy Child School, Guwahati

Holy Child School, Guwahati, a premier institution run by the Salesian Sisters (FMA) of Guwahati Province, has reason to rejoice as the school performed excellently in the CBSE 2018 results of Class 10. Ria Khatoniar of Class 10 topped in the North East region securing 99%.

Ria Khatoniar of Holy Child School, Guwahati, was the Class 10 CBSE 2018 topper

“It is the burning desire to do something for my country India that keeps me motivated.”
~ Ria Khatoniar

Tell us about yourself.
I belong to the Science stream. My father works in the railways and my mother is a homemaker.

Your reaction on hearing the news.
I was overwhelmed by the fact that I topped in the North East region. It was really a ‘Wow’ moment for me as I never expected that sort of a performance.

What is your strategy in studies?
My overall strategy is as simple as the saying, “Don’t run behind success. Pursue excellence and success will follow you.” Whenever I studied I made it a point to clear the concepts rather than just memorising things.

In what ways did you receive support from family and the school?
The support which I got from family and school is really commendable. Whenever I felt demotivated, my parents and my teachers encouraged and cheered me to move ahead.

Whom do you credit for your achievements?
I credit my parents and teachers and my hard work and perseverance.

What keeps you motivated?
It is the burning desire to do something for my country India that keeps me motivated.

Your opinion on extracurricular activities.
Extra-curricular activities are immensely important for overall development. I love painting, classical dance (Sattriya) and reading books. It refreshes me and keeps me enriched with culture and knowledge.

Your message to Class 10 aspirants.
Do your duties well.

Give studies your first priority.

Enjoy the journey because even if you do not achieve your goal the journey is more important than reaching your destination.

Do something that you love to do which will keep you energised and motivated, e.g., in my case I love making machines (drones).

Your future plans.
I see myself as an Aerospace Engineer with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).