Robin Hood Army

Volunteers from the Robin Hood Army

These boys never expected that their dream would have so many followers.

“Why not we go to the railway station this Sunday evening and distribute some eatables to the beggars?” Tarun Biswas suggested to his friends one evening.

Accordingly the four boys purchased some edibles from a nearby hotel with their pocket money and set out to the railway station. Seeing some poor beggars on the way, these teenagers offered them what they had brought along.

Doling out their charity, they didn’t disappear in haste. Sitting with these unfortunate ones, these friends enquired about them, their families, life, income and problems. The youngsters were touched at the plight of these hapless ones.

Returning home, they shared their stories with their family members and school friends. Many of them were inspired by what they said, and they too joined them the next Sunday.

Linking themselves with the Robin Hood Army, they began to wear their green T-shirts during their mission. They also shared their stories with the photos and videos on the social media, and the strength of the Army grew.

Focusing on hunger alleviation, Neel Ghose, Anand Sinha and Aarushi Batra established the Robin Hood Army (RHA) on 26 August 2014 in New Delhi.

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