RoboHon: This little bot acts as your smartphone

RoboHans smartphoneSharp’s RoboHon is a prototype robot that doubles as a smartphone.

The RoboHon (a mix of the words robot and phone) stands just 8 inches high and packs a camera and a 2-inch LCD screen on its back. There’s also a mic, speaker and a facial and voice recognition system.

It runs Android 5.0 and supports 3G, 4G LTE and wi-fi connectivity options. It can follow voice commands to place a call, take a picture and display it through its projector. It lets you know when there’s a call for you (“Hey! There’s a call for you.”); reads out text messages and lets you reply verbally to them. It also acts as an alarm and can tell you what you have planned on your calendar.

It is basically the personification of the idea that your phone is your best friend.