Poets & Poetry


by Shubhangi Lohani (21)
DSB Campus, Nainital

Her eyes didn’t glitter as her smile did on her face
It was as if her smile could flutter hearts but her eyes would give her away.
For years she tried to hide her hurt, but all in vain
But there were these red roses that would lift her heart always.

Rose, that’s what she had been named by her mother who would often tell her how she moved in her womb
The moment she smelled a rose.
Perhaps she liked them ever since
She thought, as she pricked her hand.

Now along with her contemplation she looked at herself in those roses
Fresh with dew as they are now they would wither slowly as would she.
Years went by since she lost the light of her life never to be whole again.
Roses reminded her of who she was and how she will be… fading away.

Pools of deep brown sunk in tears
But never would she let anyone see
Gazing at the fog flowing past the lake
She never thought she could make it this far.
Her love had captivated her heart and finally her life which was now bare.
Again she looked over at those roses
All she could love now were the roses
But not Rose.

Published in the March 2017 issue of The Teenager Today.