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You left your home to follow your passion
You left everything behind, isn’t it similar to subtraction?
You had to start from down low,
Thinking of the top.
There were no chances of success but your will didn’t let you give up.
You worked hard until you fainted,
Because you want this gloomy life of yours to be painted.
With extreme efforts and sleepless nights,
Starving days and fighting for your rights
You finally succeeded in life.
Everyone’s here praising you
Saying they knew you could do.
You could see all of them
Those who mocked you then.
But isn’t it similar to sympathy in some way?
As they were not there from the start to show you the right way.
This is the system of the world that comes to hold your hands at the last,
You have to fight for yourself because
You know there’s no one who would take the charge.