Sanitation worker’s son commissioned Army Officer

Sujeet Kumar

Bijendra Kumar, father of Sujeet, still remembers the moment — which was around 10 years ago — when he told other villagers that he was sending his son to a school in Rajasthan so he could study and become an Army officer. Most of them laughed at him and said: “As a sanitation worker he is thinking too big.”

On June 12, Bijendra Kumar grinned as he watched his 21-year-old son, Sujeet, a graduate from the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun, become the first Army officer from his village of Basila. Bijendra Kumar is a sanitation worker and his wife is an “Asha worker”. 

Kumar told the media in an interview, “I held a broom, but my son will protect the country with his guns.” The family huddled around the television to watch the Passing Out Parade as the family members of the Gentleman Cadets (CGs) were not allowed to be present during the ceremony due to Covid-19. Sujeet expressed his feeling and said, “I would have loved to see the pride and the smile on my parents’ face.” 

Sujeet will soon be posted as Army Ordnance Corps and he hopes that his achievement will motivate more youngsters in his village to don the olive green uniform. Kumar said that he had already inspired his siblings. All his siblings are now preparing for competitive exams. Kumar has taken his other two children to Varanasi in the hope that they access to better education facilities. 

Kumar said, “My wife lives alone in the village, as she has to look after the health of people in that area. We do visit her once in a while but we have decided that we will do everything in our power to help our kids get the career they want.”

After seeing his elder son becoming successful, now Kumar is confident that his family’s dreams will come true. He said, “I know all my children will achieve what they aspire to one day. Challenges can only make people stronger. My elder daughter finished school two years ago but I couldn’t arrange money for medical coaching so she is studying on her own for MBBS. My younger daughter wants to become an IAS officer while my younger son wants to get into IIT.”

(Courtesy: The Times of India)