Schools like none you’ve seen!

Not all schools are about classrooms, rules and uniforms — some schools in the world inspire and fascinate. This month, we’ll be checking out some of the most unique schools across the globe.

Illustration of a school student carrying a sign reading 'Our rules'
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

This is seventh heaven

How does democracy work in a school? Here, students are free to decide whether to attend class or sit and read a book. Students are also free to leave a class if they don’t find it interesting enough. There’s absolutely no homework and best of all, students get to decide the rules by conducting meetings. Too good to be true, you might think, but there really is a school like this — Brooklyn Free School in the USA. The education here is so unique; students get to engage in cheese tasting or attend a seminar on astrology. If only all schools understood our needs like this one!

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