Poets & Poetry


by Yamini Sharma (16)
Delhi Public School, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

I long to be borne by the waters and the skies,
I yearn to glimmer with the stars;
But these shackles clench my wrists, these flames burn my eyes,
I attempt to escape, only to deepen my scars.

They fail to thrust on me thoughts that are not my own,
And I ponder over the denial to accept the distinct;
They have, and shall find undeterred: my soul,
For I’m not one of them, I’m born to leave an imprint.

These ropes and shackles overweigh the roots of my endurance,
And I shout, growl yet do not conform;
For I’m a man neither moulded of gullibility nor of deference,
I am my own seeker; there is nothing I’m bound from.

Aghast, they reduce to ashes, my soul and my vehemence,
Yet they dread the reverberation of my roar;
And now, I reincarnate to scourge them with the glory of my resilience,
As I slowly lurk through their doors.

Published in the September 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.