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Set your goals

“Cultivate the habit of setting clearly-defined written goals; they are the road maps that guide you to your destination.” ~ Roy Bennett

Well-defined and set goals make our lives worthwhile. Our most important goals or targets are: family and friends-related targets, finance oriented targets, career related targets, health associated targets, mental targets and targets linked to spiritual wholeness. Our life will go out of balance should any one of these goals goes missing or is disproportionate to one’s state of life and living situations.

When one’s goals are synchronized, one will be able to soar high and reach the heights that he/she has set for oneself. That’s what great men and women in history teach us with their lives. Helen Keller has proved to the world that when we ensure that all our goals are in harmony with one another even physical disabilities will give way to incredible success.

Goal-setting is thus an essential key to success. To reach one’s set goals there are certain fundamental principles to be followed. Goal setting works best when we specify our goals, write them down, make sure they are attainable, believe we can achieve it, set a time frame to achieve it and motivate ourselves with positive self-talk.

Lailah Gifty Akita says, “Your goals and dreams must be written in a journal or notebook. This will ignite a fire, divine power and divine strength within your soul. You will begin to reach out for your goals and dreams”.

Success and happiness are the goals in general set in the mind of every person. Each individual person will have to define his/her own means and ways to achieve one’s set goals. Knowledge, however, is an essential tool in the pursuit of these goals. Education, formal or informal, is an inevitable contributing factor in acquiring knowledge. The present issue speaks about tips that helped students to be toppers and the success mantras of young professionals.

To achieve something it is essential that we know what we want to achieve. What we want to achieve is the goal we set for our life. Often the reason why people do not succeed in life is that they do not know what they want. Still fresh in the New Year 2016, what are the goals you have set for your lives?

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John Gilbert, SSP is the former Chief Editor of The Teenager Today, India's only TeenZine.

John Gilbert, SSP

John Gilbert, SSP is the former Chief Editor of The Teenager Today, India's only TeenZine.