Candid Moments from Teens

I shaved my eyebrows!

Girl with flower on her headI was around 10 or 11 years old and I was playing with my father’s razor in the bathroom. I was curious to know how a razor worked. From childhood, I used to watch closely the way my father shaved his beard and trimmed his moustache. Initially, I tried to shave my head but it didn’t work so I thought it would be cool to practise on my eyebrows. So, I shaved my eyebrows without looking into the mirror!

When I was done, I looked in the mirror and was shocked! I thought I was hallucinating or looking at a ghost. It was not even a clean shave and there were some patches of hair remaining. It was so horrible that it took me some time to realize what I had done. I was scared to come out of the bathroom; so I stayed inside and cried.

My mother finally found me. She asked me what was wrong and pulled my hands away from my face. When she saw what I had done she couldn’t control her laughter. Luckily, I tried this stupid experiment during summer vacation so I was spared from embarrassment in school. But in my colony I was the laughing stock for few weeks. (One day I even tried to draw fake eyebrows using a sketch pen but it only made me look worse!)
Anushri Shukla