Poets & Poetry

She sits alone

Every class has that one kid
Who enjoys silence and solace.
In one corner this person sits
And barely uses her voice.

In my class there was this girl, too
Who could barely open the window,
For she was short and slender,
Though her soul was packed with wonders.

The teacher one day took a test
One minute was all we had
To say whatever our mind suggests
About the world, our life and our pity unrests.

It was HER turn
To come in front and speak.
All of us were on the edge of our seats
For this was the first time we would hear this bird tweet.

We weren’t expecting much
And to be honest neither the teacher
But little did I know this girl
Convinced me more than any preacher!

She spoke about her happy life
How she is thankful for what she has
And how she is quiet because
She wants to learn from our ideas.

She said she was worried
About not her life, but that of those
Who sleep on the roadside every night
For they have no place to go.

That day I learned a lesson for life…
No matter what your exterior walls suggest
The true content is the words you quote.