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Shining stars

by Riya Das (15)
Canossa Convent Girls’ Inter College, Faizabad

When your faith starts fading
When you feel like a stray stone
Kicked by fate,
Just look at the stars
That define the night sky.
It’s then you realize that without the darkness
Even stars can’t shine.
When all you feel is small
Tell me isn’t it the atom that
Makes the world all?
When all you face is jeers and rejection
Remember the most inspiring faces came out of it
Breaking walls of limitation.
See the fighters; the stunt riders
Don’t they rise each time they fall?
Your fall is not ‘The End’
It rather makes your chin strong.
Believe in yourself; shine your own light
For life is yours; be your own guide
So next time when your faith starts fading
Just look at the stars that shine above…

This poem has been published in the December 2015 issue of The Teenager Today.