Poets & Poetry


It was my 16th birthday
I was dressed in a white dress,
With extravagant golden heels
And a fancy crown on my head.
The evening was beautiful and navy blue
And so was the city view.
But my heart
It was disquieting over something else.
Whether I would ever be able to celebrate
A special day such as this
In peace, again?
Whether my life
Would ever give me an opportunity to
Live without caring about what I didn’t have?
Trying not to tear up,
I went outside and looked.
I looked at the lovely dark sight,
A sight which used to be illuminated by star light.
But now there were no stars,
They had disappeared from my life.
I gazed at the sight,
A sight which used to be covered in trees,
Where now there were none
Because the world was on a run.
That’s when I heard a cheer from inside.
I went there just to see
Dozens of gifts only for me.
That moment, sorrow hit me hard.
I wished I could ask for
A world without smoke,
Without untimely rain
And an Earth which had not been destroyed by pain.
I looked outside the window
And all I could see were the mighty black buildings
Whose windows sparkled,
To replace the sky
Which once used to be illuminated by star light.