Sneha P. Kashyap: CBSE 2018 Class 12 topper from Holy Child School, Guwahati

Holy Child School, Guwahati, a premier institution run by the Salesian Sisters (FMA) of Guwahati Province, has reason to rejoice as the school performed excellently in the CBSE 2018 results of Class 12. Sneha P. Kashyap of Class 12 topped in the North East region securing 98%.

Sneha P. Kashyap of Holy Child School, Guwahati, was the Class 12 CBSE 2018 topper

“I would set small targets for each day and strive to accomplish them.”
~ Sneha P. Kashyap

Tell us about yourself.
I am an organized person. Though I come across as a serious career-oriented person, I do enjoy the little things in life. My hobbies are writing, playing tennis, cooking, listening to music and reading, since a good book is one of the best companions one can have in life.

What was your first reaction on seeing your result?
Unlike two years ago when I cried and jumped and thanked the Lord for scoring 10 CGPA, this time I was calm as a summer sea. It was a well-deserved 98%, leaving me with pure bliss.

Who do you credit for your achievement?
If there is one person who deserves credit for this achievement, it most certainly is my mom. My dad also helped me in keeping my spirits high and maintaining a positive attitude. As for my academics, my teachers were my saviours. They not only helped me with my studies, but much more than that.

What helped you to achieve this feat?
Constant hard work and some breaks in-between to do things I love. Also from time to time, we need to acknowledge just how much we have progressed and congratulate ourselves on reaching where we are.

What was your strategy towards studies?
I would set small targets for each day and strive to accomplish them. Sometimes I would fail to achieve them, but I’d be more determined the next day and try my best.

In what ways did you receive support from your family and friends?
I got unconditional support, love and warmth from my family and school. I cannot sum it up in a few words.

What keeps you motivated?
Small miracles. Anyone who believes in the power of God and appreciates the little joys of life will know what I mean. Being able to do something for others, giving a smile, receiving priceless words of advice, comfort of family life and the repeated refrains of nature.

What do you say about the use of social media?
Social media has become very much a part of our lives, but if we exercise restraint and caution while using it, there is nothing to worry. If we let technologies become our master and we its slaves then there will be no excuse for trouble knocking at our door.

What about extracurricular activities?
I think they add colour to the canvas of student life. I had been a gymnast till the age of eleven. Back in the sixth grade I played tennis and found it very rewarding. I also took up a vocals class in Indian classical music to hone my skills.

What are your future plans and aspirations?
As of now, I shall be taking up English Honours. I always wanted to be a writer. I plan to be an English Literature professor as it will allow me to engage fully with the subject that I love the most.

Could you share some winning tips for students?
My message to my young friends is to engage in self-analysis (something that one of my teachers taught me back in ninth grade). We need to be aware of our strengths, weaknesses, interests and aptitude to be able to make the right career choices.

Practise more of what you find hard.

Study regularly even if it is for a little while.

Trust in God.

Even if you fail to get good marks or results, do not worry, it is not the end of the world.

Be respectful towards your school and teachers for they have moulded you into what you are today.