Teen Point of View

Social media and an individualistic culture weakening our traditional social fabric

TOPIC OF THE MONTH: Social media and an individualistic culture is slowly weakening and crumbling our traditional social fabric of family gatherings and community jamborees. In your opinion what could be done to restore this social trend?

It’s true that social media is influencing the lives of everyone, predominantly teenagers. To make them a part of family gatherings, we can plan a family night with snacks and fun. Make sure that everyone switches off all their electronic devices. Teens do better when their families eat concurrently at least five times a week. Execute that! The most uncomplicated way is to go for a walk or a drive together.
Amrita Khaira (13)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar, Punjab

We live in the social media era. When it’s missing, we feel awful. Every person’s living style has been altered due to social media, which has also made commodities more accessible. Concerning the negative effects that social media is having on human existence, I am a little concerned. We no longer have close ties to our family and other loved ones. How can we handle it? First and foremost, all parents and educators must teach their kids and pupils how to use social media as a tool to showcase their own skills and talents. Social media is being used by many people, especially the young, for their personal enjoyment. Spending more time with children can help parents understand them better and guide them in the proper direction. These trivial deeds can help them to re-create the bond with the families and near and dear ones rather than with social media.
Little Merinth Aamose A. (20)
St Xavier’s College, Thiruvananthapuram

There is definitely no doubt in saying that social media is destroying our culture. Not just our culture but it is also killing our society too. Women, young and old, have changed their way of dressing; there are hardly any family gatherings now. People who don’t like these social trends are often called old-fashioned, but this is a truth that the youth should accept now that social media is working like a weapon to destroy our culture. We should stop this social trend today itself by not using those apps that are unnecessary for us.
Bhavya Narayan
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

We are most of the time on social media which separates us from our family and friends. Individual culture practising has also weakened the love between each other. We should respect everyone’s social and cultural beliefs. All should reduce the usage of social media and interact with everyone. We have to sit with our family and participate in all family gatherings.
Ariba Fatma
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

As a teenager, I would like to visit historic museums and cultural sites to restore our cultures and traditional practices. We should read spiritual books or study literature and poems on culture of the place. More importantly we should publicly speak on the importance of preserving our culture. It is a necessity to preserve our cultural heritage to maintain our identity as a nation.
Tejal Verma (15)
Notre Dame School, New Delhi

In my opinion, to restore this social trend one can go for a family gathering once, so that he or she could realize that there are many benefits. Family gatherings help one in strengthening the bond with the family. To make these gatherings more entertaining, parents can add some activities and eatables, so that teens are excited to take part in these events.
Aastha (13)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar, Punjab

Social media has changed our lifestyle in many ways and we have become isolated from our family and friends. In today’s world, people do not meet their loved ones very often as they are so glued to using social media. To resolve this problem, we must meditate to be at peace. We should also shorten our screen time. Moreover, if we want to talk to someone, we should try to meet them physically instead of calling them on our phones. Social media is very detrimental to our society and we should limit its use. A family should celebrate an event or festival with all family members to keep them connected and to carry on the cultural traits from one generation to the next.
Aadya Kumar (12)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

The word ‘social’ itself conveys the meaning that we are interconnected. Media is an instrument to be in relation. Because even in social media, I am with the other. I, by myself, cannot use social media, there must be a person who responds to me. But often it is forgotten that we bring the dignity of a person down to a text message. However, a person should not be reduced to a text message. As humans, whether we are online or offline, we are interconnected, not disconnected. In African Philosophy the concept of “Ubuntu” means “I am because we are.” Because “no man can live as an island.” This is the humanity and a real transformation and a transcendence.
Sureshbabu (22)
Don Bosco Philosophate, Karunapuram

Social media is slowly and gradually weakening our old tradition of physical meeting and gathering. To restore our old traditions, we should reduce the usage and formation of social media groups. Instead, we should encourage people to meet each other physically. We can also organise get-together parties and meet our family members. We should try not to skip community jamborees. Moreover, a resolution to meet our family members and dedicating at least one day a month to them can also bring about a change. These steps can help us to socialise with our close ones.
Anwesha Ajay (12)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

Although India’s institutional framework remains very conducive, there are indications of a weakening social fabric. Currently, the rate of change is fast. Often technology can bring negative/zero interactions between family members. It starves the family of learning and modelling with each other. Today, people care less for the family and remain busy on phones to avoid family gatherings and conversations.
Rashmo Mehta (16)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

India has a very rich culture and among them the most prominent one is a social gathering. Social media is indeed making people sweep away from social gatherings. Youngsters have started being self-centred. Also, a feeling of social phobia is at its peak these days. People avoid social gatherings as their first and foremost priority is “privacy”. The only solution for this is trying to limit the usage of mobile phones. Its minimum usage will always be beneficial for all those who avoid community jamborees. Mixing with people and getting fascinated by their stories and lives would also remove social phobia and make them more confident.
Gauri Sharma (16)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Patna