Poets & Poetry


by Ankita Palit Chowdhury (17)
St Xavier’s School, Siliguri

Here am I again tonight.
Lost in thoughts,
Which give no delight.
It agitates my soul,
As memories of broken promises
Flash back.
So, here am I again tonight.
In the dark,
Away from the light.
As, in my solitude
I feel alright.
I tremble,
As I look at those sights
But my solitude holds me tight.
Assuring me,
It’s not reality.
And then,
Do I fake a smile,
Pondering for awhile.
As the night darkens,
I see a flawless world.
It is the silence
That heals up shattered hopes.
And here am I engrossed in my solitude,
Like the moon,
Alone amidst the stars.
The swift breeze
Enlightens my spirit.
The tears wash away
The scars engraved
On my heart.
So here am I again tonight
Lonely in the midnight.

Published in the October 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.