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Someone missing

by Arafat ur Rehman Khan (19)
GLA University, Mathura

When the sun rises slowly in the morning
And I awake from a sleepless, dark night,
I feel how strongly I miss you, it’s burning.
I try to focus on something else, with all my might,
But it doesn’t work; I still miss you with deep yearning.

All day goes by with you on my mind, no escape.
I just stumble blindly, unaware of my surroundings
And without you nothing has meaning, no colour, no shape.
My heart hurts, I miss you terribly, so sad feelings.

When the sun goes down slowly in the evening,
I still keep thinking about you, nothing but you.
I feel hollow inside, yet full of relentless aching.

As the night comes again, I know there is no reprieve,
Just another sleepless stupor, tossing around and grieve.

I miss you so much; I miss you all the time.

This poem has been published in the August 2015 issue of The Teenager Today.