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How you sound can be as important as what you say. A pleasant voice brings your words to life and may put more money in your pockets.

A Duke University study found that CEOs with lower-pitched voices ran larger companies, earned more money, and held onto their jobs longer. No wonder business executives and celebrities often work with vocal coaches.

Even if your time and funds are limited, you can turn your voice into an asset. Take a look at these simple practices to help you polish your speech.

Caring for your voice

1. Breathe deeply.
Breathing from your diaphragm instead of your chest will help you to project your voice and give you more confidence. At the same time, relaxing your mouth and throat gives you greater control.

2. Develop resonance.
Humming is an easy way to warm up your voice. The lower you go into your chest, the more powerful you’ll sound.

3. Avoid strain.
Swallowing is gentler than coughing when you need to clear your throat. Keep irritants like alcohol, smoke and dairy products to a minimum. Rest your voice if you find that you’ve overdone it by talking too long or too loudly.

4. Pace yourself.
Rapid speech is great if you’re a race track announcer. Otherwise, try breaking your thoughts down into phrases just long enough so that you can say them comfortably with a single breath.


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