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Sri National School student invents circuit to conserve electricity

Sharan Karthik, a class IX student of Sri National School, Gobichettipalayam, Tamil Nadu, has invented a circuit that conserves electricity.

Many do not take up the responsibility of reducing the power consumption. Quite often street lights can be seen glowing even during the daytime possibly due to the carelessness or forgetfulness of the staff in charge.

Sharan, a budding scientist from Sri National School, considered this a serious issue that needed to be addressed. He had seen streetlights still glowing while going to school every morning but did not know whom to speak to about this.

Sharan decided to invent a device for automated street light control. He decided not to use imported products opting instead for Indian-made components only.

His automated street light control device consists of a circuit with a light sensor. The streetlights will turn on when the device detects darkness and will automatically turn off when brightness is detected.

He was determined to try out his invention. One evening Sharan and his physics teacher connected the circuit and waited for the sun to set, desperately hoping that the circuit would light up. Around 6 p.m. the sun finally set and as it was getting darker, the bulb in the circuit lit up! The next morning, the bulb automatically went off at sunrise even though it was cloudy that day.

Sharan’s circuit has now been installed all over the school campus. Sri National School has once again shown that its vision is to make good citizens for a better society.