Stay cool this summer!

Models wearing long skirt with short kurti, salwar kameez, polo shirt and David Beckham wearing cargo shorts and white shirt

This summer, lose the western wear and pick out some nice and cool Indian wear! All you need is the right material and design. I know Indian clothes can sometimes be a hassle but they can be summer-friendly, too. You just need to know the right patterns and materials. Pick flowy designs and organic summer friendly material. Go for cotton, khadi, muslin, crepe, etc. Flowy patterns allow air in and keep you away from all the heat. Avoid synthetic clothes and black and other dark colours because they absorb more heat. Wearing synthetic material also affects your skin. So prep up for the crazy summers with the right clothes… and some sunscreen!

1. Long skirts

Nice, bright, summery long skirts are great for a summer day. Pick the ones made of cotton and avoid anything synthetic. It might seem like too much trouble but they keep your legs covered and protect them from the heat and sunlight. They also look cute and elegant. Buy printed and colourful long skirts and pair them with basic tops or short kurtis. Try and choose full-sleeved tops, preferably fitted ones in a soft and summery material. You can also wear a tank top and add a cropped jacket. Don’t forget to accessorize.

2. Salwar kameez

Cotton salwar kameezes with Lucknowi chikan work are popular during summers because they look very elegant, while the material keeps you comfortable. If you get one stitched, make sure it’s a loose fit. You can skip the dupatta and be hassle free! These chikan suits look pretty cute and are the kind that you will simply fall in love with. You can also get cotton suits stitched. Avoid any material that requires you to wear an undershirt.

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Guys, I know you feel the heat, too, and you cannot wear Indian clothes all the time so here’s a list of what you can wear and mix and match. Remember, you need to pick the right material. Make the wrong choice and you will be stuck in the hot and sweaty summer. So, here’s what you can wear.

1. Polo shirts

Good quality polo shirts in all the right colours are all you need. You can pick pinks and whites and blues. The pastel colours are the perfect pick for summers. You can pair them with chinos or shorts. They look classy and casual.

2. Shorts

You can wear cargo, denim, flat-front, three fourths, whatever you like and feel the most comfortable in. Pair shorts with a polo shirt or t-shirt or white shirt.

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