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I still love you

by Faiza Ansari (18)
Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Technology, Mumbai

I see you smile
I see you cry
I was there for you even in your worst time.
I know your mind
No words need to be said.
I understand.

Together we laugh and share a great time
We have each others’ backs.
We care and so do we love.
We are just the perfect two,
We don’t have to listen to what’s going through.
In our own world we live within
A special bond we share.

Times begin to roll
And things begin to change
Slowly we drifted apart and so, too, our world.
We kept on living;
Turned our faces apart.

Now I look at you from the outside,
New life, new friends…
I know you better than them.
I see the pain in your eyes,
I feel the hurt in your smile.

I hate to see you in pain, and so I cried.
What we had once is now long gone.
But I still miss you, my friend.
I still love you.

This poem has been published in the February 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.