Strange jobs that (sadly) don’t exist anymore!

You’ll find plenty of regular jobs like software engineer, journalist or plumber, and occasionally you’ll come across exciting ones like chocolate taster or island caretaker. We’re going to look at jobs that were common in the 19th century and before that.

Illustration of a man reading books to cigar factory workers
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

The official book reader

What if people had a boring, monotonous job of rolling cigars, hour after hour and day after day? And what if there were no earphones to plug into your ears? And what if even transistor radios were not available? Well, such workers spoke to their union and pooled in their money to appoint a lector to read out popular books or other materials. The lector had to have excellent qualifications in terms of voice, narration style, and fluency to get selected!

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