Strangest foods people eat

It’s nothing short of amazing looking at what people eat across the world. While you may cringe at a dish, it may be a delicacy for another. This month is dedicated to the oddball delicacies adored around the globe.

Illustration of Mexican man holding a plate of Huitlacoche
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

A fungal delight

While you may not hesitate to eat mushrooms, surely fungal mold is something you’d shy away from? Well, a Mexican delight called Huitlacoche features exactly this. Organic corn that has not been sprayed with any fungicide develops smut as they ripen during the rainy season. It is soft and velvety, exactly how you’d expect mold to be, but surprisingly it can be eaten raw and it’s nutritious too! It is used in soups, enchiladas, sauces and many other dishes.

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