Summer scarving!

With the summer heat on our necks, we all need something to keep us cool, comfortable and protected. The sun shines too bright in summer and it’s important to protect yourself from the heat, but hey, fashion is important, too! So, here’s that one item you must have in your wardrobe to help you with your summer style — scarves! I know what you’re thinking… scarves in summer? No way! Yes, way!

As much as we’d like our dose of vitamin D, our skin also needs some care and sunblock creams can only do so much. You need to keep your heads covered and your arms, too. A scarf makes a good layer as well as a good accessory for the summer. You can use your scarf to cover your head and arms when you feel the heat and you can style it along with your outfit when you’re indoors. But summer scarves mean you need to pick your fabrics carefully and style it well.

Here are a few tips for you to pick the right fabric and show off your killer summer style!

Fabric choices

It’s a very breathable fabric and dries really quickly. It absorbs moisture and is an extremely elegant fabric. It also ensures airflow and does not overwhelm you with heat. It’s one of the best fabrics you can invest in.

The most recommended fabric for summers. It’s breathable and keeps you cool. It’s affordable, comfortable and absorbs moisture. It dries quickly and can be washed in the washing machine. It’s a very durable fabric to invest in.

Wrapping styles

Models wearing scarves as a bandana, headband and ponytail tie

Headband/Hair tie
Summer means sun on your head. A headband keeps your head covered and keeps you looking chic all the time. Want to be a trendsetter? Use your scarf as a headband. YouTube and Pinterest will teach you many ways to tie a scarf headband. You can also choose a slightly retro look by using your scarf as a hair tie.

Male and female wearing scarves the classic way

Classic Wrap
It’s the same old way of wrapping your scarf. Boys, you can wrap the scarf in this way and wear it over a tee or on a shirt for that matter. A guy with a scarf is a rare sight, but hey, you need the scarf to protect you, too!

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