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Swaying in love

A heart that beats with newfound grace,
A blush upon a young, fresh face,
A glimmer in the eyes that shine,
As love unfolds in sweetest time.

The teenage heart, so pure and bold,
A fire that burns, a tale untold,
A rush of feelings, fierce and true,
That stir the soul and make it new.

A glance, a smile, a gentle touch,
A fleeting moment that means so much,
The world around them fades away,
As two young hearts begin to sway.

A first kiss shared in secret bliss,
A moment captured, a memory missed,
A love that blossoms, pure and bright,
In the hearts of two who see the light.

Oh, teenage love, a sweet refrain,
A love that knows no bounds or pain,
A love that blooms and takes flight,
And fills the world with sweet delight.