Take a selfie from the sky with AirSelfie

Air Selfie camera floating above handDitch that selfie stick and give your arm a rest! AirSelfie has launched a high-quality pocket-sized flying camera for your smartphone.

With four propellers and 5MP camera, AirSelfie boasts the ability to fly upto 66 feet above ground, allowing users to take aerial shots or videos of themselves and the world around them. Shaky videos or blurry photos are eliminated with its vibration absorber and in-flight stability system. AirSelfie produces its own 2.4GHz WiFi network to which smartphones can connect.

Users control the drone using an iOS or Android mobile app, both of which include a ‘selfie delay timer’ with a range up to 10 seconds. A maximum of 8 consecutive photos can be taken. Content is saved to an included 4GB microSD card. Flight duration is just 3 minutes per charge; however, when returned to its case, AirSelfie will recharge in just 30 minutes.