A lovely collection of articles

The January 2024 issue of The Teenager Today featured a very interesting and inspiring story (illustrated by Santhoo) that emphasised the importance of accepting ourselves as we are. I particularly enjoyed the Great Lives series Albert Einstein: Scientist of the Millennium. As an artist who enjoys drawing cartoons, I was very happy to see them in the magazine. The articles by F.M. Britto and Dr Sajith Cyriac were also uplifting. DYK by Caroline D’Souza, Mind Games by Esha George, and Weird & Wonderful on kite-flying by Rama Ramesh were also very interesting. Thanks to the Editor and Team for such a lovely collection of articles.

Sasha Dabolkar (26)


Helpful articles for teens

The article Feeling The Exam Pressure by Dr Vani Sud Dhindsa in the March 2024 issue, really helped me a lot during my exams. Her tips were so simple and doable. Thanks to TTT for bringing out such helpful articles for us teens.

Licy (15)


Green teen — Agastya Karan Seth

It was very inspirational to read about green teen, Agastya Karan Seth, in the March 2024 issue. His efforts to combat greenwashing and make youth aware of this menace are commendable. I learned a lot by reading this article and by going to his website to play the sustainable game and be educated.

Karnav (15)


Informative career article

The article Love Numbers? Pursue A Career In Finance! by Dr Vibha Gupta in the March 2024 issue, was very informative for me, as I plan on going into the finance field after my 12th standard. Dr Vibha has clearly laid out what this field is all about, the steps to get into this field, the skills and the employment prospects for this career.

Saloni (15)