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The darker side of the moon

The darker side of the moon,
Reveals a secret
And tells me, “I’ve owned no light”.
He says, “I’m a curse and a wound,
All at the same time…
I’m nothing more
Than this universe’s parasite.
I shine taking another’s velvet,
‘Cause I’m nothing more than some raw fabric.
I fakely light up the soul’s romanticism
While I stare and starve,
Thinking when I’ll get such heroism.”

But then I said,
“Though you stand all alone
Among all the stars and planets,
Still, you should be proud…
‘Cause you’ve given everyone equal light,
When the stars couldn’t go that deep
All cause of their respective heights.
So what if you’ve owned no light
It’s okay to have that imperfect sight
‘Cause you see,
There’s none of us who do not carry
A tag of the ‘darker side’.