The Face of the Faceless (2023)

Poster of the movie The Face Of The Faceless

The true-to-life story of a young nun, Sr Rani Maria, who worked to empower tribals in rural Madhya Pradesh, and her subsequent murder for her work among the vulnerable. This film is not about religion — don’t let its posters lead you. This is director Shaison Ouseph’s first film, and what a powerful debut! Sr Rani Maria is played by Vincy Aloshious, a rising star from Malayalam cinema. Sandra Rana, Dean – XIC Mumbai, is the producer of this film that has received 30 awards internationally.

Mohan Sivanand

Mohan Sivanand is a journalist and artist. He was with Reader’s Digest for 32 years, serving as the magazine’s India Editor-in-Chief for a decade until his retirement in 2015. He teaches journalism at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai.