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The future looks comfy!

It’s a time of many changes and innovations, and people have been busy coming up with hi-tech devices that’ll probably become the norm in a few decades. Here’s a sneak peek at some devices that people would love to own.

Illustration of man relaxing on a floating sofa
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Feels like you’re on Cloud Nine

It’s a huge blow to all of us that even if we do reach up to the clouds, we’ll never be able to lie on one. The next best thing will probably be available sometime in the near future. Imagine a soft, cushiony floating sofa suspended in air, thanks to a powerful magnet base to hold it aloft. Even as you relax, make sure nobody brings any large metal object into the room!

Mouse away in comfort

Illustration of man on a flying cycle cycling past the moon
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Do you find how your hand hurts a lot when you use the mouse for a few hours? For the very best “mousing” experience, you need one of a unique construction — a device made of eight pieces, each made with soft gel and cellulose that is supposed to reduce strain on your wrist. Better still, it also comes equipped with a vibrator underneath to massage your palm.

Flying cycle

Tired of getting stuck in traffic on your way to school? Wish you could take off on your cycle in true E.T. style? Well, there’s hope! Two flying bicycles have been built and tested — “F” Bike and Xplore Air Paravelo. Traffic jams, goodbye! One day, kids could fly to school, and schools may have to build convenient airstrips on the terrace. One day!

Jetsons-style family dining

If you’ve watched The Jetsons Show, you’ve probably dreamt of futuristic spaces. Soon you might be able to enjoy your dinner at a futuristic dinner table complete with white lights above and blue lights below for a really special family time together. But hey, that’s not all! The table and chairs can fold up into a compact ball when not in use. Now, that’s always cool!

Illustration of a woman with a sandular automata on her wrist
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Sandular automata

That’s just a fancy name for a digital version of the humble sand clock. It’s the 21st century, and if you like using a sand clock but are ready to update to the newest technology, then you might like its digital avatar. Wondering why it would be better than the regular one? Well, can you count the number of sand grains that fell and the number yet to fall on the old sand clock? If you like such details, this digital sand clock is your best bet. You can now time everything you want in style!

Illustration of a boy with a hi-tech piggy bank
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Hi-tech piggy

Gone are the days when people could donate to your piggy bank only through cash. Now is the time to get a piggy bank that’s customized for our generation. With a convenient credit card or debit card swiping facility, your relatives who don’t have cash handy can still gift you birthday money with their cards!

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Rama Ramesh is a creative writer who has written stories and features for children’s magazines and has co-authored a series of nanotechnology books for kids.

Rama Ramesh

Rama Ramesh is a creative writer who has written stories and features for children’s magazines and has co-authored a series of nanotechnology books for kids.