The ‘invisible’ charger that charges your phone through a table!

Archon invisible charger attached to the underside of a table

Billed as an “invisible wireless charger”, the Archon attaches to the underside of desks or tabletops from where it can wirelessly charge any compatible gadget you set down on the table. The Archon transforms any surface into a charging station, and doesn’t occupy space with pads, docks and wires. It mounts to the bottom of every type of surface, be it glass, marble, granite, wood, plastic or quartz (it doesn’t work with metal) via an adhesive pad. It supports fast charging with a 10W output and can charge even while your phone is in its case. Two models are available: 25mm and 35mm, with the former able to charge through tabletops that measure 25 mm thick and the latter able to do it for up to 35 mm.