Poets & Poetry

The Magic In ‘Her’

That girl, she is there listening to the rain
Her thoughts are starting to go insane.
She wants to use all her time
To show the world that she can shine!
Yes, she was not like this before
But now she can’t handle pain anymore.
She wants to find her true self,
And for that she doesn’t need others’ help.
Because now she wants her inner beauty to be found,
And ignore all the toxic sounds.
Let her fly high and rise above the clouds,
And all her dreams to be bold and loud.
So please, world, let her go
And all the hidden truths just let her know.
Let the positive vibes pour,
Let the sadness go away through a magic door!
Though for her it’s always tough,
But she has the courage and that is enough.
The time will come and she will show
How she can rise and glow.
Her mixed emotions continue to overflow,
And they will always be there for her to grow.
The world may try to offend
But failures are not always the end.