The Midnight Library

Cover of The Midnight Library

Author: Matt Haig
Publisher: Canongate Books
Publication year: 2020
Pages: 304; Price: Rs 599

Hello, bibliophiles! If you do not feel very good about life, check out The Midnight Library by award-winning, bestselling author Matt Haig. This is not the “usual” motivational stuff said to people who dread life. Neither is it a list of reasons forced down your throat about “why life is good”. It will help you see life from different angles. Without any significant effort on your part, but by just reading this book, you will be able to experience different realizations.

Everyone must have had that particular point of time in their lives wherein everything seemed to annoy them. We would be mad at even the smallest of things, and the fact that they are just petty, would result in us overlooking the bigger fact that we are being ungrateful. A fact is a fact and there is no bigger fact, but you get my point. The initial ungratefulness would create a pattern of us repeating the same qualities over and over again. I use the pronoun “us” here because I have been in that place, too, and the fact that I have read self-help books does not make me any different.

Cutting right to the chase, the main reason you should read this book is that Matt Haig is the author. What about him? He has a great understanding for both the light and the dark sides of people. He embraces the imperfections of the humankind. Plus, he also helps us take steps toward reaching our “best possible grateful self” with his stories. The most unique thing about his writing is that he does all of this without making us feel like we are wrong or by making his book a “perfect person” manual.

Giving my time to this book was valuable. Hopefully, it will be the same for you. Happy reading, friends!

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Lauren Prem is a 19-year-old student from Chennai.

Lauren Prem

Lauren Prem is a 19-year-old student from Chennai.