The old school days

Remember those days, 
We used to sit together.
Remember those times,
We used to fight over matters. 
So here I am again, 
Stuck in the past. 
Oh, I wonder 
Why nothing lasts? 

Those corridors,
Deserted of our happiness, 
Must be empty now 
Without our silly mess. 
Those big grounds, 
Where we used to complain
About not wanting to run, 
Oh, I wish I could again!

All that chalk dust, 
Back on our shoulders, 
All those arguments, 
To see who was taller. 
The chatter of kids 
Near the canteen, 
Silly excuses 
To get out of tennis practice! 

So here’s what I want to ask… 
Did you like those crazy times better? 
Or these crazy masks? 
Just a silly poem, 
From just a silly girl, 
Who wishes to go back 
To where we all were!