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The puzzle box

When I found you
I found me.
I was no longer alone
I was put together.
There were no missing pieces
We were the perfect puzzle.
Onlookers envied what we had.
We had so many beautiful memories,
That they’re not even possible to forget.
That part of my life was my life;
The life I loved.

Then I lost you somewhere
Along the way.
There were no fights or disagreements
Our puzzle just broke.
Piece by piece it fell apart;
Soon it disappeared.
I’ve tried to get it back,
I’ve done everything.
The pieces of the puzzle
Just don’t fit together anymore.
I found your pieces reconnecting
With new pieces.
My pieces were left torn and shattered
Alone in their box.

I just want one last look
At that beautiful puzzle we shared.
Even though it won’t help me get over the pain,
The pain that has ruled my life for months,
I just can’t close the cover to that puzzle box now.