The sea and me

Posted by:
Sharleen Zacharia (17)
S.V.T. College of Home Science, Mumbai

The smell of salt in the air, the gentle breeze caressing my face, the roaring of the waves, the ocean glittering in the evening sun and the silent swish as the waves touch the shore is all that is required to calm the storm brewing in my mind. Yes! I love the sea, but I really don’t know why.  It still remains a mystery to me.

Why do I love the sea? Is it because it has some potent power that allows me to think? Why is it that when I am at a beach where the land meets the sea I look at the sea and not at the land? What is this link between me and the sea? Is it that the sea water is in my soul or my soul in the sea water? Do I love it because I think of her as a god/goddess as my ancestors did? It’s funny, don’t you think, that each time I think I have finally understood the sea, she shows me a completely new side and never fails to captivate me again.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” color=”#d3d9ce” class=”rblog” ]Will we ever unveil her mysteries? The sea herself will give us our answers because she is and will always remain a place full of magic and mystery.[/perfectpullquote]

All of nature has its own magic and mystery, then why do we find the sea the most magical and mysterious of all? Why do we feel so relaxed when we look at the sea? What mysterious power lies within the sea that makes us connect with her and exude such feelings? Will we ever unveil her mysteries? The sea herself will give us our answers because she is and will always remain a place full of magic and mystery.

When we look at the sea, the first thing that comes to our minds is escape, adventure, freedom and new beginnings. It awakens us from the trance imposed by the world and rejuvenates our spirit. But what most people fail to understand about the sea is that apart from her being an escape and an adventure the sea is very versatile. On warm sunny days she will be calm and welcome everyone with wide open arms, and on stormy days she will be a mirror image of the storm roaring above. And so she never fails to give us advice of how we too can be like this — live life to the fullest, and on days that are stormy, adapt to the situation and fight our way through. Her energy is so great that a single wave can bring loads of laughter and joy to everyone. So, too, must we bring joy to all around us.

As I look out at the sea it takes me a moment to collect all the emotions rushing at me. Most people look at the sea with a kind of fear but for me, the sea fills me with awe, wonder and calmness. She is a symbol of power, strength, life, mystery, hope and truth but mostly I look at her with respect. It doesn’t matter that I may never be able to unveil her mysteries. But in the process I gain so much knowledge and thus make her my role model.

Deep down, we all know that our souls need something wild, dangerous; something that makes us feel alive. The best place to satisfy this hunger is the most untamed place on the earth… the sea, the mysterious sea.

This article has been published in the November 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.