The things people buy!

The things people sell and buy are nothing short of astounding. Ranging from edible footwear to perfumed picture frames, there’s a market for everything. Here’s a list that may delight budding entrepreneurs with a wacky taste and connoisseurs hunting for weird things to own!

Illustration of man smelling a fragrant photo frame
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Fragrant frames

Today, it’s not only possible to capture your special moment as a photo and frame it, but also to add some fragrance to it. Research shows that nostalgia and scent are deeply connected, so every time you go near that picture frame, you’ll be reminded of that fantastic day you graduated… or probably the day when you bought the scented picture frame. With the advances in technology, one day, you might be able to get one with the scent of jalebis or kheer for an even enhanced special effect.

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